Cyber Security

Department of Defense Information Assurance

Committed to implementing secure solutions


G2 cybersecurity engineering experts work closely with federal government agencies to offer SME (subject matter expertise) in traditional DoD IA (Department of Defense Information Assurance), including system security analysis (i.e., network, software, and hardware) and C&A (certification and accreditation). Their goal is to ensure that risk management is applied to each organization’s information system and that the system maintains the information assurance posture throughout its life cycle. To achieve this goal, G2 works closely with key stakeholders to ensure that information assurance is implemented early, discussed often, and maintained throughout the SDLC (system development life cycle) process.


G2’s cybersecurity engineering capabilities include baseline and maintenance DoD IA system policy development, DoD IA system documentation review, DoD IA source code evaluations, and working as key liaisons with federal agencies to obtain approval of each software product and system.


Cybersecurity Professionals

Dedicated to protecting resources and staying abreast of new security developments


G2 understands that, as new technologies emerge and existing technologies continue to evolve and grow, having talented and experienced cybersecurity professionals is a requirement in today’s market. G2’s cybersecurity engineers offer the knowledge and experience necessary to implement concrete security practices, perform risk analysis, and identify necessary countermeasures in helping organizations protect their systems and information. G2’s cybersecurity experts keep clients informed on security trends and on the latest security threats to minimize the impact of those threats.


G2 cybersecurity services vary from traditional DoD IA to niche areas such as secure cloud computing and critical infrastructure security.


Cloud Computing Security

Providing security assurance within cloud computing


As more and more corporations and government entities look to cloud computing to reduce costs and improve agility, the issue of managing security challenges becomes a crucial factor. G2’s cybersecurity engineering experts offer solutions for meeting secure cloud computing standards and best practice objectives that focus on critical areas such as cloud architecture, compliance and audit, information management and data security, traditional security, business continuity and disaster recovery, application security, encryption and key management, identity and access management, virtualization, and SECaaS (security as a service).